Tracey Smith

Tracey Smith
Tracey Smith


My name is Tracey; I trained as a midwife in Aberdeen, Scotland over 20 years ago, but was born in England. I came to NZ in 1994 and immediately loved the lifestyle and people, so my husband and I emigrated here.

I previously worked as a Clinical Charge Midwife at Waitakere Maternity Unit, specialising in women with complicated pregnancy and births. I have also been supporting midwives within the hospital system and have enjoyed the teaching that has been involved in that role. I am passionate about providing expert midwifery care to women.

Prior to being blessed with my two lovely children, I worked as an LMC midwife. As my children grew, I returned to work within the hospital system, in a role as Clinical Charge Midwife and now I am back in the community as an LMC - where my passion is. 

With my extensive experience, I am happy to provide care for all types of births, including waterbirth, drug free labours, vaginal birth after caesareans; however, I do not provide a homebirth service. 

I have a great sense of humour and love spending time with my husband, son and daughter (my kiwi kids!). When I can find spare time, I enjoy reading and meeting up with friends and extended family.



No Availability (Finishing LMC practice in Nov 2019)

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