When my Mum and I first met Julie we clicked straight away it was like it was meant to be julie reminds me of my Mum in so many ways. From the moment I met Juke she has gone above and beyond for me. Julie says I was/am her ''special one" and that's because she gets me. During my pregnancy, labour and birth she did everything she could to put me at ease she was rechecking things herself multiple bores and if she wasn't 100% sure she got midwives and even a doctor to check. Once my little girl came out Julie and the other midwife, were so fast with doing what they had to do, I was told the oxygen mask was on her within a minute. While my girl was fighting for her life with the help of the Midwives, doctors, nurses and Pediatricians, Juke was by my side with my Mum (Longest 12 mins of my Life) Julie stepped in for my sister so Yin could take a moment to herself and go with my Daughter. Paso when my baby gel and I were at Auckland Hospital (Roma in NICU and me in Maternity Ward) Julie visited us just about every day (it may have been every day that my Mum and I was in there) making sure we were both doing okay. Julie also fought for me when the midwives and nurses weren't Listening to me and what was best for me to do. I can't thank her enough for everything and as she continues to do.


Julie was my midwife and helped me deliver my fast baby as a young mum. She was amazing! Through labour she looked after me guided ma and made me feel super comfortable and at ease, every question 1 had weather 1 was scared to ask because 1 thought it was stupid or silly she informed me that 1 could ask her anything and always had a answer to my questions. Julie as a person is so bubbly, fun and such a caring person looked forward to every wet before birth and after bath bet getting to see her, Its just like having a second mum or best trend. I will definitely be booking Julie when I have my second baby in a few years and, know be looking forward to those yeas. 1 highly recommend her''.


Julie is amazing - I don't know how to put in to words how at ease she made me feel. From the clinic appointments to the labor and birth and then the visits at home, I felt like Julie was a person I had known for a long time. At a time where your body changes so much and you can be so unsure of what is going on, Julie always bought me back down to earth and made me feel normal and re-assured me that everything was just fine. I had a few hospital visits throughout my pregnancy and Julie was always there to greet me with a smile and made sure I was ok. Julie is a natural at making you feel looked after, it's just like having your Mum there with you I found that Julie had a real passion for her fob and it reflects in the care she shows to her expecting Mums. I wish I could continue under her care for longer, I would not hesitate to recommend her as an excellent midwife.

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